Built for Better Voting and Election Experiences

Welcome a new age where large-scale voting and elections are easy, secure, accessible, and hassle-free.

Remarkable Voting Experiences

option.vote offers a customizable, multi-method voting system for unions, political parties, professional associations, and others looking for a secure way to reduce their voting costs and to improve their participation rates.

Boost Voter Participation Rate

Provide voters with a secure and anonymous voting tool. Make it easier and cheaper for their opinions to be heard, and watch participation rates skyrocket.

Save Yourself the Time and Hassle

Opt for a fully-managed voting system that takes care of all the logistics for you; complete with contact management, verification, and reminders.

Offer a More Secure and Reliable Election

Build trust in your union, political party or association with an innovative voting system built with world-class security and reliability standards.

Offer Better Voting Experiences

Multi-method Voting

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Stop asking your voters to waste time and money commuting to your polling stations. Instead, offer them the chance to vote via mobile, phone, and/or online.


Automated Alerts and Reminders

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Schedule automated alerts and reminders to prompt your members to cast their votes. With an email, an SMS message, or a call, you can send out reminders before and even during the vote.

World-class Voter Support

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Your votes and elections come with a team of dedicated, experienced, and friendly customer support, ready to answer any questions and to ensure voters have the best voting experience possible.

Powerful Features for Impactful Voting Experiences


Fully-Customizable Voting and Elections

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Our fully customizable voting system means you can tailor your votes and elections however you want. Choose the voting methods, languages, branding options, enable and disable any feature you desire, even choose the type of vote you want to carry out. It’s all up to you.

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

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Get real-time data and insights on how the vote is progressing, what the participation rate is, and what the results are as soon as the voting period ends (only accessible for administrators).

Quick Setup Times

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With the complexities of setting up a large-scale vote, the last thing you need is long, tedious set-up times. At option.vote, we can have your vote ready very quickly and without hassle.

Rigorous Security Measures


Data Protection and Privacy

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Protecting your members’ data and privacy is our highest priority, which is why we ensure they are safely stored in secure data centres.

Member Verification and Anonymity

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We eliminate any possibility of fraudulent activities and ensure anonymity with a thorough, multi-level verification process, complete with unique PINs and data encryption.

Network Security and Stability

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We secure our networks with multiple algorithms designed to block fraudulent traffic and use high-performing servers to make sure lines stay open and webpages are active throughout the vote.

Specialized Experts for your Votes & Elections



Higher participation rates translate to stronger unions.

Political Parties

Safe, auditable, and transparent elections at your fingertips.


Simple accessible voting system for more engaged members.

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