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Pioneer in Interactive Voice Response Applications

VoxTel is a Canadian telecom company established in 1991 and a pioneer in the development of IVR applications, web applications and carrier billing for mobile and landline phones.


For phone billing products adapted to the needs of any monetizing efforts


For convergent communications in your marketing activation campaigns


For international high-volume business telecommunications at lower costs

Flexible Phone Billing Solutions

Diversify Your Payment Options with Phone Billing

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Direct To My Phone or DTMP is a dynamic carrier billing product perfectly designed for Web Application Service Providers (ASP). It converts a telephone number entered in a widget into a purchase verified by PIN-code or SMS opt-in confirmation. Increase your sales by offering an alternative to credit cards on your website or app.


All-in-one Donation Product for Registered Charities in Canada

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Collect charity giving by residential and mobile phones philanthropic donation product specifically designed for Canadian Registered Charities seeking funding from the general public for their charitable activities.


Improved Loyalty with Personalized Pricing

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Our dynamic phone billing product called ONE retrieves profiles from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to offer tailored customer experience under a single local phone number. Customize variable price billing, telecommunication time, special content or any other parameter.

Powerful Tools for Marketing Activation Campaigns


Interactive Communications Solution for Broadcasters

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The broadcaster is a proprietary VoxTel product adapted to the needs of brand managers and broadcasters. Create memorable experiences by monetization and content marketing activation for any broadcast media platform through a variety of call-to-action applications like drawing lots, contests, obtaining samples etc.

Dynamic Number Insertion

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Dynamic Number Insertion or ID# is a measurement and strategic performance optimization product by call-tracking. It bridges the critical gap between advertising and conversion on different media channels, by automatically inserting unique telephone numbers in each media in ad-tracking mode.

Connect with Mobile Consumers on the Go

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Increase retention and revenues for your brands with mobile campaigns targeted by geolocation and behavioral data from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. Match Zone is a loyalty/acquisition customer experience product that gets involved directly in your activation campaigns to provide a personalized and memorable customer experience to wireless consumers.

Business Calls Solution for Toll-free Lines

Business Calls Solution for Toll-free Lines

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Get 800-lines at the lowest rate and provide free information or services to your calling customers with Toll-Free for Caller. Improve customer experience by eliminating long-distance charges and centralizing all regional services on a single telephone number.

Business Calls Solution for High-volumes to Canada and USA

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Our solution “1-NPA Number” is a business call product for corporate telecommunications in the destination of Canada or the USA, when dialling a 10-digit phone number with the “1” prefix, with a fixed monthly rate.

Business Calls Solution for High-volumes in International Destinations

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0-11 Number is a fixed monthly-rate business calls product for international business calls, excluding calls to Canada and the USA, when dialling a phone number with the “0-11” prefix.

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