An AI-powered Text Analytics Software

Helping companies around the world understand and prioritize unstructured customer feedback thanks to its advanced text analytics solution.

 An Advanced Text Analytics Platform

Semeon’s text analytics platform is trusted by governments, defense agencies, brands and organizations to capture and analyze their customer, employee and marketplace feedback data in less time and with unmatched precision.

Complaint Management

Save time and quickly prioritize negative feedback.

Customer Experience Management

Know what customers want and need at all times.

Competitive Benchmarking

Qualify customer-driven opportunities.

Spend 90% less time coding and analyzing unstructured text

With Semeon’s automated categorization, new customer feedback gets classified without any tedious manual coding and according to your unique departments or topics.

Your CX team can focus on analyzing the output to detect much faster the emergence of new complaint clusters that require immediate attention.

Our platform lets you drill into concepts to find out exactly what was said, by whom and in which context, providing you with a level of precision that can reduce the overall cost of complaint analysis and resolution time by 40% to 80%.


Close the customer experience gap with a data-driven plan of action

Build loyalty by providing personalized customer experiences. Semeon’s multi-layered filters let you analyze feedback data based on customer segments, touch points, products and more.

Explore the top positive and negative concepts within each of your unique categories and use that insight to personalize customer experiences.

Use our complete dashboards to track and visualize the evolution of key concepts over time and the impact your implemented measures have on your CX.

Competitive Benchmarking

Know where your brand

stands at all times

Easily conduct ongoing competitive benchmarking using your own set of metrics and carve out your unique niche.

Use reviews and suggestions from competitive data to compare your product performance and qualify new market opportunities.

With real-time text analytics, you can maintain an edge over competitors by anticipating which customer needs you should solve and unmet needs you can fulfill faster.

Text Analytics Solutions That Fit Your Needs


Market Research

Automatically analyze thousands of free-text survey answers and call transcripts without any manual coding.

Customer Experience

Know how customers feel about every area of your business and address pain points with timely insights.

Product Experience

Get a global view of your customer requests and complaints to quickly  identify priorities in your roadmap.

Contact Center Experience

Quickly analyze call transcripts and survey data to monitor agent performance and customer satisfaction.

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