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We are a fast-growing tech company offering a suite of customer experience solutions powered by artificial intelligence and Big Data to foster customer engagement, loyalty and retention .

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As we rapidly develop and acquire advanced tech solutions, ATW Tech has become a center of expertise and an international leader in machine learning, advanced text analytics, interactive phone communication, and digital voting.

An AI-powered text analytics platform for automated customer feedback analysis.

A highly secured and multi-method voting platform to maximize participation rate.

Interactive phone technologies for monetization, media & telecommunication.

A Growing Portfolio of Innovative Solutions

Advanced Text Analytics

Text analytics for competitive  benchmarking, complaint management and customer experience management.

Sentiment Analysis

Precise sentiment analysis for
a data-driven, customer centric


Secured Voting Software

A highly secure platform for large-scale voting and election in political parties, associations and unions.


Remarkable Voting Experience

Renowned support and turnkey solutions for a remarkable voting experience.

Low Cost IVR

Flexible phone billing solutions for high-volume business communications at a lower cost.



Highly effective convergent communications in media activation campaigns.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our experienced team possesses the knowledge and expertise required to build state of the art technologies and the commitment to bring top value to its client and investors.

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An experienced team, ambitious objectives and a sustained growth plan.

ATW News

ATW Tech announces signing of two letters of intention for acquisitions in the fields of business intelligence, advanced data analytics and public safety softwares powered by artificial intelligence

Montreal, June 21, 2022- ATW Tech Inc. (the “Company” or “ATW”) (TSX-V: ATW) is pleased to announce the signing of two letters of intent to acquire complementary technology companies (individually the “Target” and jointly the “Targets”) in the fields of business...

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