About ATW Tech

ATW Tech is a publicly-traded holding company of multiple subsidiaries operating globally in various high-tech and complementary fields. Through its various advanced technologies, ATW Tech provides advanced text analytics, digital voting and interactive telecommunication solutions.

Our Mission

Leveraging our expertise and multiple patented technologies, ATW Tech empowers organizations around the world with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence solutions to create the ultimate client experience. 

Our Objectives

ATW Tech aims to accelerate sales growth and profitability through numerous acquisitions and in-house development of customer experience solutions.  As it continues to manage a portfolio of high-tech companies, ATW is focused on building a complete suite of customer-centric solutions powered by AI.

Listed on TSX.V

Years in Business

growth rate (CAGR) in AI softwares by 2025

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An experienced team, ambitious objectives and a sustained growth plan.

A Seasoned Board Of Directors

Christian Trudeau

Chairnman of the board

Michel Guay

Founder, CEO and Director

Louis Lessard


Carlos Bedran


ATW News

ATW Tech announces signing of two letters of intention for acquisitions in the fields of business intelligence, advanced data analytics and public safety softwares powered by artificial intelligence

Montreal, June 21, 2022- ATW Tech Inc. (the “Company” or “ATW”) (TSX-V: ATW) is pleased to announce the signing of two letters of intent to acquire complementary technology companies (individually the “Target” and jointly the “Targets”) in the fields of business...

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