Semeon Releases a New Version of its Text Analytics Platform

Semeon’s latest version includes features which offer significant productivity and flexibility gains for clients

MONTREAL, Feb 24, 2022— Semeon Analytics (the “Company”), an ATW Tech company (TSX-V: ATW), is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its text analytics platform. Semeon‘s latest version includes upgrades to the platform’s core which result in higher quality category extraction and better automatic clustering of these categories into natural classification structures.  Additionally, new features designed to improve the user experience and improve Semeon’s category management and classification capabilities have been introduced, including filter reordering and taxonomy management capabilities.

Filter reordering

The implementation of filter reordering as a new feature allows our clients to further leverage the power of Semeon’s multi-axis filtering capability to explore different facets of their data without the need to specify in advance which filter should resolve first. “Where most competitors do not offer complex filtering capabilities, Semeon’s solution is taking it one step further and providing clients with the flexibility to reorder filters as they see fit to explore their data without additional manipulation required” said Alkis Papadopoullos, CTO and Conceptor of Semeon Analytics.

Taxonomy management

Taxonomy management (classification) enables users to name and save their customized taxonomies for future use or import/export taxonomies from other projects. For example, a client can now swap in custom taxonomies to rapidly reclassify data with different schema at the click of a button. “These new taxonomy management features will let different departments exploit the same source of data for insights specific to their own interests and responsibilities at the push of a button” explained Eric deGheldere, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships.


Semeon Analytics’ Profile

Semeon is a Quebec-based technology company that has developed an artificial intelligence technology. Over the past 5 years, Semeon has combined techniques of semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis with artificial intelligence driven natural language processing systems to develop a platform capable of automatically analyzing, classifying, and visualizing data from multiple channels and a powerful workbench suite which allows even non-experts to customize classification and filtering settings without the need for cumbersome rule sets. Semeon provides its clients with a platform for precise text analysis, intelligent and flexible for decoding, understanding, and summarizing customer feedback on specific elements. For this purpose, Semeon’s natural language text analysis technology allows users to browse automatically – for example – through thousands of unstructured customer comments, to extract the concepts expressed, to classify these as positive, negative, or neutral opinions, so that companies or organizations can adjust their communication and marketing strategies to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Whether it is an acceleration of customer feedback processing, the identification of key parts in a supply chain or key elements in financial forecasting models, among others, Semeon ensures gains in analysis speed allowing critical decision making in hours rather than weeks or months.


ATW Tech’s profile

ATW Tech is a technology company, owner of several recognized technology platforms such as VoxTel, and Semeon. VoxTel specializes in telephone billing and alternative payment solutions for fixed and mobile lines. offers a customized multimethod voting system for unions, political parties, professional associations, and anyone looking for a secure way to reduce their voting costs and improve their participation rate. Semeon is a highly accurate and flexible text analysis platform for customer reviews and uses a unique combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to discover significant trends in customer reviews across all channels.



ATW Tech Inc.
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Founder, President and CEO

ATW Tech Inc.
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