Semeon Analytics Launches a New Website and Brand Image

Semeon solidifies its market position with a new branding and website in line with its advanced text analytics solution powered by AI.

Semeon solidifies its market position with a new branding and website in line with its advanced text analytics solution powered by AI.

Montréal Qc. – (TheNewswire) – August 20th 2021 – Semeon Analytics, an ATW Tech Inc. company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, The website redesign aimed at solidifying Semeon’s positioning as an advanced text analytics provider by presenting highly relevant and engaging content to its target audience. In addition, Semeon proudly presents a strong and modern brand image, including a new logo.

The site now features a much more in-depth and explicit presentation of Semeon’s text analytics platform, accompanied by several screencast visuals to showcase the software’s most advanced capabilities at a glance.

“The new website content allows prospective clients to understand exactly how Semeon’s platform could save them time analyzing customer feedback and instantly identify what requires immediate attention to improve customer experience and maximize ROI.”, noted Eric de Gheldere, Principal Director of Strategic Initiatives at Semeon Analytics.

The Company invites visitors to explore the new website, with a particular attention to the Professional services page and the Solutions pages where success stories are shared specific to Market research, Customer experience, Product experience and Contact center experience.

As part of this complete branding and positioning exercise, Semeon’s image has also been enhanced with a new logo and its declinations, featuring a vibrant color gradient and a chat bubble to illustrate the value of customer feedback.

“The new website, combined with a refined image and strong communication strategy, reaffirms Semeon’s position as a strong and well-established player. What the platform delivers is extremely powerful, and we are taking full advantage of the opportunity to accelerate our growth and innovation ”, said Michel Guay, Founder and CEO of ATW Tech Inc.

Semeon Analytics’ Profile

Semeon’s sophisticated AI-powered text analytics platform enables companies to adopt a data-driven, customer-centric approach by capturing and analyzing customer, employee and marketplace feedback data from private and public sources with the power and precision required to uncover timely and actionable insights. Available in 10+ native languages, government entities, security and defense agencies, brands and organizations around the world rely on Semeon’s technology to improve customer experience and citizens’ life, reduce operational costs and drive growth. For more information, please visit

ATW Tech’s profile

ATW Tech (TSXV:ATW) is a financial technology company (“fintech”), owner of several recognized technology platforms such as VoxTel,, Bloomed and Semeon. VoxTel specializes in telephone billing and alternative payment solutions for fixed and mobile lines. offers a customized multi-method voting system for unions, political parties, professional associations and anyone looking for a secure way to reduce their voting costs and improve their participation rate. Bloomed is a cloud computing platform for managing smart data on consumers and their behaviors for both business and consumer-oriented campaigns. Semeon is a highly accurate and flexible text analysis platform for customer reviews, Semeon uses a unique combination of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover significant trends in customer reviews across all channels.


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