Semeon Analytics amplía su alcance a Ottawa y la comunidad de defensa canadiense

Semeon Analytics amplía su alcance a Ottawa y la comunidad de defensa canadiense

Montréal Qc. – (TheNewswire) – September 10th 2021 – Semeon Analytics, an ATW Tech Inc. company, is proud to announce that it will actively collaborate with its Ottawa based partner Adexflow in the upcoming months to present new solutions to the Canadian defence industry for the management of information and digital interoperability.

Building on existing technologies from the two companies, Adexflow and Semeon, the new solutions were presented to Invest Ottawa, the lead economic development agency for knowledge-based industries in Canada’s Capitalon July 21.

The presentation outlined the efficiencies that would be created through the partnership, and Steve Onions, a veteran within the defence sector and a Senior Strategist for the defence and security sector with Invest Ottawa was encouraged by the opportunities the collaboration would bring.

Million-dollar mistakes that can be prevented ..!

“The potential for operational efficiencies and subsequent financial benefits from Adexflow and Semeon’s technology in defence applications where large amounts of critical data are often transferred between organisations is very exciting, particularly in the sustainment field. Errors caused by poor data management once a system is in-service are exponentially more expensive to correct than at the design stage.” said Steve.

The partnership will aim to mitigate the risk in large scale defence procurement projects where data is transferred from the system design company to the manufacturer and then to the sustainment organisation.

Semeon and Adexflow will shortly announce industry gathering meetings to further present their combined technology offering, supported by Invest Ottawa’s Global Expansion team.

“We are very excited to begin this collaboration with Invest Ottawa and Adexflow to use both our product and expertise in text analytics to address new challenges in the defence community”, said Eric de Gheldere, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Semeon Analytics.

“The combination of the two solutions facilitates the secure exchange and in-depth exploration of data from various databases, such as vendor-specific data, users’ manuals and feedback from teams using these devices and complex systems in the field,” said Sylvain Doco, president of Adexflow.

Semeon Analytics’ Profile

Semeon’s sophisticated AI-powered text analytics platform enables companies to adopt a data-driven, customer-centric approach by capturing and analyzing customer, employee and marketplace feedback data from private and public sources with the power and precision required to uncover timely and actionable insights. Available in 10+ native languages, government entities, security and defense agencies, brands and organizations around the world rely on Semeon’s technology to improve customer experience and citizens’ life, reduce operational costs and drive growth. For more information, please visit

ATW Tech’s profile

ATW Tech (TSXV:ATW) is a technology company, owner of several recognized technology platforms such as VoxTel,, Bloomed and Semeon. VoxTel specializes in telephone billing and alternative payment solutions for fixed and mobile lines. offers a customized multi-method voting system for unions, political parties, professional associations and anyone looking for a secure way to reduce their voting costs and improve their participation rate. Bloomed is a cloud computing platform for managing smart data on consumers and their behaviors for both business and consumer-oriented campaigns. Semeon is a highly accurate and flexible text analysis platform for customer reviews and uses a unique combination of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover significant trends in customer reviews across all channels.


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