Semeon Analytics and Material Intellect Announce Completion of Major National Defense Contract and New Data Analytics Partnership

Semeon Analytics and Material Intellect Announce Completion of Major National Defense Contract and New Data Analytics Partnership

HOUSTON and MONTREAL, February 9th, 2022) — Semeon Analytics (the “Company”), an ATW Tech company (TSX-V: ATW), and Material Intellect Inc., a systems integrator focused on delivering artificial intelligence (AI) driven data aggregation and analytics solutions, are pleased to announce the successful completion of a sophisticated national defense project focused on identifying vital trends across multiple additive manufacturing (AM) datasets. Announced in February 2021, this contract is one of several completed between the two companies.

The contract was completed using Semeon’s latest AI machine learning analysis engine. Semeon’s analysis engine includes a series of unique features that can be used to better understand key concepts in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sets that have been derived from different types of on premise and cloud-based content sources.

Driven by the success of this and other projects, and the tremendous need for the companies’ joint solutions, Material Intellect and Semeon will be deepening their partnership to aggressively pursue rapidly growing opportunities in process automation, manufacturing, national defense, healthcare and data analytics across North America.

“Material Intellect’s data analytics capabilities, combined with Semeon’s latest analysis engine, uniquely position the companies to help groups with advanced analytics requirements,” said Harry Bushong, CEO of Material Intellect. “Together our solutions help clients to better understand how to predict, sidestep, and therefore reduce costly mistakes resulting from poor data analytics, particularly where complex data sets relating to sophisticated subject matter are concerned.”

“Semeon’s state-of-the-art machine learning based semantic and statistical analysis capabilities, together with Material Intellect’s data analytics solution, will enable us to garner a strong market position as we can now help customers better connect the dots between sophisticated and complex data sets and subject matter,” said Alkis Papadopoullos, Semeon’s CTO and Conceptor. “Through our partnership, clients will be able to rapidly deploy solutions that enable their staff to consume analytics with ease.”

About Semeon Analytics

Semeon is a Quebec-based technology company that has developed an artificial intelligence technology. Over the past 5 years, Semeon has combined techniques of semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis with artificial intelligence driven natural language processing systems to develop a platform capable of automatically analyzing, classifying, and visualizing data from multiple channels and a powerful workbench suite which allows even non-experts to customize classification and filtering settings without the need for cumbersome rule sets. Semeon provides its clients with a platform for precise text analysis, intelligent and flexible for decoding, understanding, and summarizing customer feedback on specific elements. For this purpose, Semeon’s natural language text analysis technology allows users to browse automatically – for example – through thousands of unstructured customer comments, to extract the concepts expressed, to classify these as positive, negative, or neutral opinions, so that companies or organizations can adjust their communication and marketing strategies to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Whether it is an acceleration of customer feedback processing, the identification of key parts in a supply chain or key elements in financial forecasting models, among others, Semeon ensures gains in analysis speed allowing critical decision making in hours rather than weeks or months.

About Material Intellect

Material Intellect, LLC is a Houston, Texas based company working in the big data and analytics market space, aggregating structured and unstructured data to help a vast range of companies and organizations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, insurance, and defense industries understand the impact and potential threat and risk to the use of nanomaterials in their products and services. The company’s AI driven platform integrates advanced software robot agents to perform large-scale data aggregation of open data sources in the government and industry sectors. The platform also performs data aggregation and analysis of unstructured documents from academic journals, and scientific studies and findings, as well as from patent and litigation sources. The platform holds composite data that can be used to construct new applications.


ATW Tech Inc.
Michel Guay, Founder, President and CEO

Semeon Analytics
Raymond Cyr, General Manager

Material Intellect Inc.
Harry Bushong, CEO

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