ATW Tech Announces a Partnership With Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) for its Cryptocurrency

ATW Tech is proud to announce a global partnership with the EMC2 for the launch of the Einsteinium currency billing by mobile phone.

Montreal, January 11, 2018 – ATW Tech (“AtmanCo” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: ATW) is proud to announce a global partnership with the Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) for the launch of the Einsteinium currency billing by mobile phone.

In order to diversify its payment options, VoxTel, a subsidiary of ATW Tech, plans to implement EMC2 cryptocurrency in all its platforms such as mobile donations, social communities, messaging, gaming and voice services.

A 4-phase deployment plan will include the following steps:

  • 1. Einsteinium will integrate Voxtel’s payment gateway in order to buy, exchange or transfer Einsteinium coins.
  • 2. VoxTel and EMC2 will be implementing a mobile wallet, E-Wallet and voice wallet easily accessible for Voxtel users.
  • 3. Peer to peer exchange Einsteinium currency through Voxtel chat and gaming communities.
  • 4. Build a path to Einsteinium convertibility into major currencies such as Canadian dollar, US dollar and Euro.

Einsteinium cryptocurrency could provide VoxTel’s payment platform enormous autonomy from any carrier or regulator. This global partnership will be the insurance to reach wider audience and will simplify transactions between users.

“We are proud to integrate this very promising and well-known cryptocurrency to our global Unified Payment Solutions (UPS) platform which already includes voice billing, direct carrier billing, credit card and Interac. This would allow us to offer turnkey payment solutions and expand our customer base” said Michel Guay, President and founder of ATW Tech.

“We at EMC2 would like to thank our community for the tremendous support and Voxtel for the opportunity to be able to benefit from its users worldwide. After a year of hard work, we are very excited about the growth this will bring to both the Einsteinium Foundation and VoxTel billing integration as well as the adoption of crypto currency as a whole”, said Jonathan Lauzière, Board member and Treasurer of EMC2.

Additional information regarding the Company are available on SEDAR. The TSX Venture Exchange and its Regulatory Services provider (as per meaning assigned to this term in TSX Venture Exchange’s policies) bear no liability as to the relevance or accuracy of this press release.

Einsteinium coin is a Bitcoin-like currency with a philanthropic objective of funding scientific research, cutting edge IT and crypto currency projects. The EMC2 coin is released by the Einsteinium Foundation. The Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) is embarking on a truly ambitious project that will likely change how cryptocurrency (CC) is viewed outside of the CC universe. Similar to the Bitcoin, Einsteinium is a distributed peer-2-peer digital currency released without any premium. EMC2 implements the primary innovation of wormhole mechanics to reward long term miners. Each wormhole event occurs randomly during each epoch and is 180 blocks long, with a reward of 2970 EMC2 per block.

ATW Tech (‘AtmanCo’) (TSX-V: ATW) is a leader in information technology, owner of several web platforms including VoxTel, Québec Rencontres, VuduMobile, Atman and Bloomed. VoxTel offers various interactive landline and mobile carrier billing phone solutions. Quebec Rencontres is a web and mobile social network application catered to building serious and sustainable relationships. VuduMobile is specialized the text messaging business for enterprises through its unique, user-friendly and bilingual test messaging application et turnkey solution allowing management of text message management programs in all kind of businesses. Atman and its APIs enable companies to optimize their human capital. Bloomed is a cloud-based platform to manage data (smart data) on consumers and their behaviors, which is developed for marketing agencies and their campaigns for the consumer and corporate markets.